heechul can’t keep his hands off baekhyun
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140414 Heechul at JTBC ‘War of Words’ Recording

Credit:  卉宝Gahye___

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[ENG] 140401 Kiss The Radio w/ Special DJ Heechul & Baekhyun

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Heechul for CeCi姐妹 magazine

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@kimheenim아 머리 자를까ㅡㅡ 건희놈이 맨날 머리 좀 제발 자르라고 노래를 부르면 내가 기를거라고 랩을 한다. 조사 한번 해보자. (완전 삭발 VS 단발 머리). 둘 중 뭐가 좋음? 중간은 없음. 딱 이 둘 중 하나를 택하시오^.~

@kimheenimAh should I cut my hairㅡㅡ When the guy Geonhee kept singing the “please cut your hair a little” song everyday(,) I rapped a “I will grow it long” rap. Let’s do an investigation. (Totally shaven hair VS bobbed hair). Which one is better between the two? There is no “middle”. Please choose only between these two^.~ (c)

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i hate you mr. cameraman.

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140407 Heechul at JTBC ‘War of Words’ Recording

Credit:  as tagged

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Kyuhyun dancing Swing and Eunhyuk’s reaction.

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Heechul and Puff’s decorated cups!

credit: Yoo Hochul’s FaceBook
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CherryPuff's first meeting ♥
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